X-treme Car Show

“We organise X-treme Car Show events and have worked with Sanni Kaikkonen for several years now. Sanni has been given the responsibility for organising an entire programme package for our shows, consisting of a traditional beauty contest aimed at finding a promotion person suited to working in the car industry. Sanni’s taken care of the co-ordination of the contest, created the partnership agreements, and designed the choreography for entries, along with presenting the show. Both the co-ordination and hosting have been performed professionally, with a sure touch and everything running to schedule. Our collaboration continues.

Ever since Sanni set up her business, we have booked the majority of our promotion staff with Sunnyone Promotion. We plan to intensify the collaboration further. We appreciate our shared history and the experiences gained from the events. We can warmly recommend Sunnyone Promotion’s services and promotion staff for events of any size.”


– Kirsi Ojaniemi, Managing Director, KK Production