The planning of promotions and events guarantees a successful activation

Promotion refers to marketing that utilizes personal human contact. It can be tasting food, demonstrating products or even promoting services. The promotion can also be a guerrilla marketing ploy, such as FlashMob, a surprising performance in an everyday environment. The purpose of the promotion is to increase the efficiency of the movement of products or services from the seller to the buyer.

Promotions can be used to increase brand awareness, generate direct sales, or gather leads. Promotions can also leverage sales by promising the retailer promotion days with buy-in items. Promotions also provide feedback directly from end users.

Events are one of the oldest and most beloved forms of marketing. In event marketing, a company either organizes an event, participates in organizing an event, or participates in an existing event, such as a trade show or festival. The event or participation in it can be purely brand building, but in most cases it is also worth organizing promotional activities at the event. The promotion itself is a marketing event.

Planning starts with goals

Those who take advantage of the event and / or promotion in their marketing should consider three things right at the planning stage:

  1. Planning is worth starting with goals. It is also worthwhile to determine the indicators in time so that they can be taken into account during the implementation phase.

  2. Whether you are aiming for brand building or direct sales, your promotion or event needs to take place at the right time, in the right place and for the right audience.

  3. A promotion and / or event needs a distinctive and creative implementation as well as at least one attractive functionality - few products have a cult status that alone is enough to entice people to watch it.


Nor should an event or promotion ever be a single, fleeting moment in time. It is definitely worthwhile to prominently pre- and post-market marketing events. In addition, during the event, you should also consider those who cannot physically get to the site and offer them the opportunity to participate remotely. Those on site should also be offered an attractive opportunity to leave a digital footprint on their visit. Digital marketing can also be used to increase contact points for those who have visited a promotion or other event. The network will also continue to provide opportunities to measure the impact of marketing measures.

A professionally designed marketing event can be very cost effective

The event and promotion require a functional venue, time, driving functionality, pre- and post-marketing, digital marketing during the event, skilled workers, workwear, logistics, stacking, technology, cleaning, dismantling and possibly checkout system, catering, performers… If marketing event planning is not your day job, it is worth leaving it to someone whose it is. We co-operate with Finland's leading event organizers, so we have the event marketing entity in very good hands.

At its cheapest, a small promotion can be ordered with a few hundred euro, while the upper limit for events in Finland is in the millions. Pricing for sales promotions is often on an hourly basis and is based on the hours worked by the promoters, any training they may receive, and any travel costs if the promotion takes place in a smaller locality without local promoters. The number of planning and implementation hours and other costs depend on the type of event you decide to organize.

For example, in sample distributions and tastings, very competitive prices are often achieved. A face-to-face encounter between our professional promoter and a client can cost just a few cents. The goal can be considered that activation pays for itself in terms of increased sales - sometimes that goal is already met on the same day! Together with our designers, we are sure to find the best option for your budget.