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Promoters and consultants are promotional professionals

In a digitalized world, the relative attention value of personal encounter has grown to new proportions. When you want to create impressive encounters between your brand and its new and old customers, you need a professional promoter. A pleasant personal encounter deepens your target audience’s relationship with the brand and helps to stay in mind.

The job of the promoter and the goal of the promotion is always related to the promotion of the product or service. The goal can be either direct sales directly at the promotion site or alternatively testing, tasting or demonstrating the product. A well-executed promotion always increases brand awareness.

The operating environment of the promotion may be, for example, trade fairs, events, shopping malls, department stores, grocery stores, cinemas, airports, ports, means of transport such as ships and commuter trains, as well as traffic hubs on streets or in key places.


Consultant, flyer dealer, or pitcher

The work of a promoter can involve a wide variety of different tasks. Depending on the job, the professional title used may also vary, and may be, for example:

– brand ambassador, consultant or promoter

– in-store product demonstrator

– product distributor or brochure / flyer distributor

– barker / greeter and lead collector

– VIP host or PR person

Regardless of the tasks, all of our promoters always fill out a report on the work done, which provides important data about the target group, its attitude towards the marketed product or service, and the impact of promotional measures such as sales.

The promoter is a multi-expert in the commercial field

Sunnyone has a total of more than 600 promoters nationwide, all of whom have experience in sales and customer service roles. They are men and women between the ages of 18 and 35, many of whom study commercialism. We have made a special effort to recruit language-skilled promoters, and our promoters also include Russian- and Chinese-speaking customer service representatives. We recruit our promoters ourselves to ensure the skills of our employees and the quality of the service they provide. Promoters who have worked for us for a long time also continue to recommend Sunnyone to new employees.


Jägermeister promoters create brand encounters

Sunnyone has been responsible for promoting the Jägermeister alcohol brand in restaurants and large festivals since 2016. The marketing of alcoholic beverages in Finland is strictly regulated, which is why the consumer encounters created by Jägermeister promoters are very important for sales and a memorable customer experience. The promoters work in Jägermeister’s own, experiential bar outlets and make active itinerant sales in the drinking areas, where an ice-cold drink is served directly to the consumer’s table. Thousands of bottles pass through the hands of promoters every year, and professional customer service, given the knowledge of the legislation, engages more and more consumers in the market-leading brand from year to year. Read more of our work with the brand here.