• Sanni Kaikkonen

Harva Marketing and Sunnyone Promotion join forces

The event industry came to a stop in March 2020 due to government restrictions on gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it did not stop Harva Marketing and Sunnyone Promotion, which joined forces in February 2021.

- The start of cooperation with the renowned promotional agency Sunnyone Promotion was a natural extension of Harva Marketing's growth plan. In 2019, approximately half of our net sales came from promotions, events and encounters in commercial environments. Sunnyonen's involvement will further increase the added value received by our customers, says Päivi Lehtonen, founding partner and CEO of Harva Marketing.

- The corona pandemic and the consequent restrictions on assembly have challenged event and promotion operators over the past year. Although the projects have been under a rock, the ability to transform quickly and the flexibility of our personnel have made it possible to continue and develop operations, continues Sanni Kaikkonen, CEO of Sunnyone Promotion.

Both Harva and Sunnyone realized fairly soon after the declaration of the corona pandemic that this was not a transient downturn, but a fundamental change in employment opportunities and customer needs for the entire encounter and event industry. Customers need digital marketing design and production services as well as hybrid and virtual event expertise as alternatives to traditional events and promotions. The companies have also decided to start training employees for new types of tasks such as virtual event production and online promotions.

- Harva has extensive expertise and networks in digital marketing, online channels and video production. Together with Sunnyone, we also have the most comprehensive network of promoter professionals in Finland, Lehtonen rejoices.

- We believe that as vaccination coverage increases, the pent-up demand in the industry will unwind, as people's desire to see each other has not disappeared. Although it has been possible to utilize virtual environments quite extensively during the corona year, there is still a constant need for new encounter concepts in the promotions alongside the traditional ones, Kaikkonen reminds.

The common goal of Harva Marketing and Sunnyone Promotion is not only to provide more jobs for industry players but also to develop the entire industry together. The companies will continue to operate under their own brands, with Päivi Lehtonen continuing as President and CEO of Harva Marketing Group and Sanni Kaikkonen as President and CEO of Sunnyone Promotion. The companies believe that after a period of grim isolation, a new era of rise and celebration of human encounters will ensue.

For more information please contact:

Päivi Lehtonen, Managing Director, Harva Marketing Oy

paivi.lehtonen@harvamarketing.fi | + 358 44 328 8200

Sanni Kaikkonen, CEO, Sunnyone Promotion Oy

sanni.kaikkonen@sunnyone.fi | + 358 40 716 1441