Photo and video shoots are a productive investment for your brand

The image is known to say much more than words and the video even more. Unfortunately, old images and videos or age-old, glossy image photo bank images used from year to year do not give the best possible image of the company or its products and services. Several of our clients have found that high-quality, professionally executed images and videos have been a very rewarding marketing investment.

At its simplest, arranging descriptions means that we come to the photographer at the agreed time to photograph your premises or even your reference subject. In addition to the graph, we will instruct your employees if they are to appear in the images.

However, models, a make-up artist, hairdresser and a stylist may also be required for photo shoots. The location can be anything from a studio to a stadium. In addition to the photographer himself, larger video recordings require e.g. sound engineer and assistants. We implement world-class advertising for your company on a turnkey basis, fitting your budget! Our partner network includes Finland's number one professionals, but also budget-friendly rising experts.


The model must be identifiable to the target group

If there is a person in the picture or video, the gaze is automatically attached to him or her. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find images in image banks in which the people appearing are natural and identifiable to the Nordic target group in terms of their clothing, behavior and essence. With professionally organized photo shoots, you get access to images that are made specifically for your company's services and products. With the exception of specific campaigns, it's a good idea to make both your images and your videos as durable as possible.

Model selection is an important part of the shooting arrangements and one of the most important things for the end result. Let’s think together about what people look and feel to convey the most desired message. Our networks offer a wide range of people with different looks, from experienced models to first-timers.

Our personal and versatile models have appeared e.g. in Viking Line, insurance company Elo and Sector Alarm ad campaigns. Let us find the right face for your brand!

Photo and video shoot in the Turku archipelago for a large French boat manufacturer

In the summer of 2020, our service was trusted by the large French boat manufacturer Jeanneau, for whom we carried out video and still filming of the novelty boat Merry Fisher 695 Marlin in northern conditions. The filming was carried out in the Turku archipelago by a team of four. The cooperation with the boat factory and the Finnish importer Nautical Partners continues every year at various boat shows in Finland, where Sunnyone presenters guarantee a VIP customer experience.

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