A professional event staff guarantees the comfort of the visitors

Events are one of the most effective marketing tools. However, event visitors cannot and should not be left wandering in the event without guidance. A positively memorable event experience is created when the visitor feels that they are in good hands and feels like an important guest. This experience is ensured by professional event staff.

Event hosts are event professionals. The host team ensures the smooth running of your event, from the arrival and registration of guests until their departure. From us, you also get word-ready bus hostesses and hosts who tell guests the necessary information and guarantee a fun trip, all the way to the afterparty!

Members of our host team have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience working at corporate events, private events, meetings and conferences. Fluency in English is the minimum requirement to enter the team. For international events, we also provide experts in other languages - our hosts include experts in Chinese and Russian.

The presenter raises the profile of the event

Sunnyone also hosts foreign language professional presenters for all events, whether held virtually or on site. The commercial plot is one of our strengths, and for example, the fashion house Halonen has for many years relied on Sunnyone's professional presenters at the opening of new stores and customer events. In terms of corporate events, we were trusted by the Helsinki Sales Academy at its annual Sales Morning event for corporate management, which was held for the first time in 2021 as a live broadcast. The presenter carries the event forward, no matter what happens behind the scenes. Ensuring the smooth running of the event and a memorable visitor experience is one of the number one tasks for the presenter. Whether you need a presenter in front of the camera or on stage, you can get a representative and ready-made professional from us!

Hosts and event staff ensure the smooth running of your event from start to finish

For 10 years, Sunnyone's host team has ensured the smooth running of many small and large events for our domestic and international customers. The Belgian ICF Next congress office has utilized our event team in Finland several times in its various events. At the EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) conference at Finlandia Hall in 2019, our host team of more than ten people took care of receiving hundreds of international guests, registering, checking access rights, guiding, operating a photo point and transporting microphones during Q&A sessions in various conference rooms. The event lasted three days and business guests arrived in Helsinki from more than 60 different countries. ICF Next thanked our team for their great work and professionalism.

The host also adds a lot of value to remote events where the host takes care of your guests in a virtual environment such as Teams. For example, a host can host a discussion, remote assignments, or games at a company party so that the company’s own staff can focus on enjoying the program. Easy, fun and safe!