Staffing and recruitment brings flexibility and efficiency to the sales field

Since 2011, we have been providing promoters, event workers and cosmetics consultants for various promotional purposes. The use of sales representatives brings flexibility and efficiency to the sales field and enables, for example, temporary project sales, interleaving or testing of new sales areas

Our special expertise is consultants who work at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, for example. Our international clientele includes World of Duty Free and Estee Lauder Group, among others. We recruit and provide temporary staff, especially for companies in the cosmetics industry. We have also recruited a lot of Chinese-speaking consultants for the airport.


Sales professionals guarantee the movement of the goods

There are a wide range of professionals in the sales field, whose job is to ensure that the goods are found at the points of sale and that they move quickly from them to the end users.

  • The promoter's job is to contact people and make sales. They can not only present, but also sell products and services. Operations are guided by purposefulness and professionalism. Promoters are trained in the products presented, even on a gig-by-gig basis if necessary.

  • Product experts have worked for a long time on products in a particular field and are often also interested in the field, whether it is cosmetics, food or electronics. Product experts regularly attend training on the products they represent. In addition to promotional work, product experts can, for example, hold trainings for retailers.

  • The merchandiser takes care of the brand's displays in stores. The brand can also present new products to the store's staff and / or arrange for additional orders.

  • Sales representatives sell novelty and range products in stores and take care of dealer relationships.

  • Sales aids, so-called Junior Sales, are an intermediate form of promoters and sales representatives. They may not open new resellers, but they will also handle the resale of new products to existing resellers.


We will strengthen your sales field according to your needs for a day or for years

When your sales field needs confirmation, you can get sales professionals from us either on an hourly basis or at a fixed monthly price. You can present us with your ready needs or we can think together what role your sales need the most. The cost depends on the profile and workload of the selected employee. For a full-time person, the option is to hire the person we are looking for at your company or buy a job as a service from us. If necessary, we carry out recruitment for a task defined as a custom search.


Cosmetics consultants serve international customers at Helsinki-Vantaa

Under normal circumstances, several Sunnyone consultants work at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the field of cosmetics promotion in permanent and part-time temporary employment relationships. We have invested especially in the recruitment of language-skilled employees, and our sales promoters include e.g. Chinese and Russian speaking customer service staff. Our customers at the airport have included e.g. Estee Lauder Group's various cosmetics brands, La Prairie and Sisley. We were also responsible, in collaboration with World of Duty Free, for the initial recruitment of cosmetics retailers for the Estee Lauder brands ’own store, which opened in 2015 in the T2 terminal. The six-month project included job postings, job application review, initial and final interviews, employee selection, and assisting the client in concluding employment contracts and the airport pass process as a turnkey recruitment process.


For Helsinki airport staffing services, your contact is:
Sanni Kaikkonen

tel. +358 40 716 1441